The National Food Authority (NFA) relentlessly undertook enforcement activities throughout 2017 nationwide to ensure that grains traders abide by trading rules and regulations set by the agency.

As part of its industry regulation and development program, the NFA conducts monitoring of the grains market and businessmen; enforcement of rules and regulations governing grains business; licensing and registration of all rice and corn business; and promotes harmonious and productive relationship among rice and corn industry stakeholders to achieve sectoral efficiency, discipline and growth.

During the year, NFA enforcement agents inspected a total of 39,407 grains business establishments nationwide and noted 3, 421 violations such as: non-renewal of NFA license, operating without license, non-compliance to the prescribed rice box and display of price tags and signboards; and for NFA rice retailers: non display of NFA rice, diversion of NFA rice and unreasonable depletion of NFA rice, among others.

For the above violations, the NFA collected a total of P12.2 million in penalties and enforcement fees, and P1.8 million in administrative fines and other fees.

NFA administrator Jason L.Y. Aquino has instructed all NFA enforcement agents and monitoring teams to be very vigilant in watching over the rice market. “Being the Filipinos’ basic staple food, rice should always be available, accessible, affordable and safe for consumers anytime and anywhere across the country,” he said.

Aquino warned grains traders to refrain from doing any nefarious activities as these will be dealt with accordingly.  # # #


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